Access to Reinsurance for Small Insurers

2011-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

Be on the look-out for the final report regarding access to reinsurance for smaller insurers. The research project was a joint undertaking of the Committee on Life Insurance Research, Smaller Insurance Company Section and Reinsurance Section of the Society of Actuaries. A Project Oversight Group was selected to frame the research questions, select a researcher and then work with the researcher to develop the surveys that were used. The researcher selected was Mike Reese, who joined Hause in June of 2005.

After the survey period was concluded, Mike performed follow-up interviews and wrote the final report with the survey results and recommendations for possible solutions. The final report was recently released to SOA editors for their final touches and should be available on the SOA website in mid-October. Mike was in Orlando on September 13th to present preliminary results at a Small Company Chief Valuation Actuaries' Buzz Group, and he will present the results again at the Annual SOA Meeting in Chicago (Session 135).