Interest Rates

Click on 'Interest Rates' below to view the latest 'Dynamic Valuation and Non-Forfeiture Interest Rate Calculations'. This form provides actual and estimated maximum valuation and Non-Forfeiture Interest Rates for Life Insurance and maximum Valuation Interest Rates for Annuities. At the bottom of the form we show historical and estimated Federal Tax Interest Rates.

While the 'Interest Rates' provides current actual and estimated future rates, the next two documents below provide historical rate information, for life insurance and annuities respectively. If you have any questions regarding terminology, refer to the 'Life and Annuity Interest Rate Definitions and Descriptions'.

The following documents are all in PDF format. In order to open the document either within your browser or offline you will need to download a copy of Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Follow the link to get the appropriate plug-in for your browser.

Interest Rates - Updated 06-06-2024.

Life Insurance Historical Maximum Valuation, Tax and Non-Forfeiture Rates - Updated 07-14-2022.

Annuity Historical Maximum Valuation Interest Rates - Updated 08-17-2023.

Life and Annuity Interest Rate Definitions and Descriptions