Term Life Versus Credit Life Insurance

2021-Jul-06 - Christopher H. Hause

Comparing Term Life Insurance versus Credit Life Insurance. [ more ]

Recent Health Form Filings

2015-Sep-03 - Rex Durington

Hause Actuarial Solutions, Inc. (Hause) periodically reviews new health form filings as a service to our clients and friends. This installment of our review covers approved form and rate filings from July 2014 to July 2015. The predominant policy types approved during this period were for Critical Illness (9 companies), Hospital Indemnity (4 companies), and Accident products (3 companies). [ more ]

New Actuarial Guideline for Indexed UL

2015-Sep-03 - Christopher H. Hause

Actuarial Guideline 49 interprets and sets limits on certain aspects of the Illustration Regulation for Indexed UL contracts. AG 49 was undertaken by LATF primarily to bring consistency and historical support for interest rates used for illustrations. The crafting of AG 49 represents an impressive collaboration and compromise involving various industry, consumer and regulatory interests. [ more ]

Interest Rate Update

2022-Apr-21 - Christopher H. Hause

Statutory valuation interest rates for life insurance will remain unchanged for 2023, with the "Whole Life" rate at 3.00%. [ more ]

A Spanking Good Solution for Healthcare Reform

2015-May-05 - Rex Durington

A Spanking Good Solution for Healthcare Reform. [ more ]

Financial Analysis - The Old Fashioned Way

2014-Feb-12 - Pete Panno

The importance of choosing the right tools to service our clients. [ more ]

Health Practice News

2014-Feb-12 - Rex Durington

What Hause's Health practice has been up to lately. [ more ]

Critical Illness Overview - 2015 Update

2013-Aug-29 - Rex Durington

As a product of our research and client work on Critical Illness (CI) coverage, Hause Actuarial Solutions (Hause) found that there is a dearth of published material on product design and pricing for this market. There was a flurry of activity in the late 90's and early 2000's but not much of late. The state of the market is that there are as many product designs as there are carriers and a wide disparity in premium rates for roughly the same benefits. This article attempts to condense our thoughts and observations on the state of the market and the art of CI product design and pricing. [ more ]

Are You Ready for 3.5% Life Valuation Rates?

2011-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

They may be coming... [ more ]

High Risk Pools and the Patient Protection

2011-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

What affect will the PPACA have on High Risk Pools? [ more ]

Three Chinese Blessings

2011-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

"Deep thoughts" by Chris Hause. [ more ]

Understanding the Uninsured

2011-Apr-01 - Christopher H. Hause

It might be a good time to begin understanding the uninsured population so you can be prepared for the future of health insurance. [ more ]

PORC Recapture Services

2009-Aug-01 - Christopher H. Hause

Would recapturing Producer Owned Reinsurance Companies (PORCS) make sense for you? [ more ]

GRET Factors for 2009 Compared to Historical Fact

2008-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

The GRET factors for 2009 were released to the NAIC in May. [ more ]

NAIC Adopts Guidline CCC

2008-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

The Application of the Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Life Insurance to Certain Policies Having Intermediate Cash Benefits. [ more ]

2008 Federal Tax Interest Rate

2008-Feb-01 - Christopher H. Hause

2008 Federal Tax Interest Rate. [ more ]

Principles-Based Reserves, Here We Come

2006-Apr-01 - Christopher H. Hause

Principles-Based Reserves are taking shape at the NAIC level. This article looks at near and far-term effects of its implementation. [ more ]

Reinsurance - Help!

2005-Dec-01 - W. Michael Reese

Keeping track of and consistently reviewing reinsurance agreements and reinsurance partners is vital to the long term success of insurance companies. [ more ]