• Actuarial Software Suite (WATERR)
  • XXX Reserve Calculations: Direct, Reinsurance and Tax; plus due, deferred and advance premiums.
  • X-factor validation performed using Monte Carlo method for annual certification.
  • Agent illustration system development and maintenance.
  • Comprehensive and modular Needs Analysis.
  • Development of the Dynamic Insurance System (DIS)
  • Custom Programming

Product Development

  • Product design and pricing
  • Policy form drafting
  • Illustration Actuary Compliance
  • Product Implementation
  • Reinsurance retentions, pricing evaluation and negotiation.

Financial Reporting

  • Actuarial Opinions
  • Financial Reporting (Statutory, GAAP, and Tax)
  • Year End Work (Annual Statements)
  • The use of reinsurance as a surplus relief vehicle.
  • Cash flow and reserve adequacy testing.
  • Claim Reserve Calculation and Analysis - Accident & Health

Group Health Actuarial Services

  • Cobra Certifications and Plan Pricetags
  • Medicare Part D Subsidy Attestations
  • IBNR Claim Liability Determination
  • Multi-Year Forecasting and Variance Analysis

Details on Services (PDF) TPA or Employer Consultant?

Individual Health Consulting

  • Product Pricing - Med Supp, LTC, Critical Illness, Accident Plans, Medicaid
  • Regulatory Contracting - Rate reviews, High risk pools, Medicaid programs, Examinations
  • Risk Analysis - Reinsurance limits, Impact of plan design changes, Experience studies
  • Financial Reporting - Annual Statement, Claim/Additional Contract/Deficiency Reserves

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Evaluate blocks or companies for divestiture or purchase.
  • Assist in the mergers of companies to achieve operating efficiency.

Other Services

  • Maximize your performance with Modeling and Asset & Liability Matching.
  • Evaluate your Company's experience with studies of Lapse, Mortality, and Expenses. Compare to pricing and peer companies' experience, or use with Illustration Actuary work.
  • Expert Witness testimony
  • Appraisal of Insurance Companies

Credit Insurance and Debt Cancellation

  • Credit Disability Reserve Calculator
  • Policy forms
  • Analysis of business
  • Reinsurance
  • Valuation
  • Other bank products, such as group mortgage, term and annuities
  • Claim cost development and analysis
  • Debt Cancellation Rating System for different benefit options and combinations available for sale, or we can evaluate your pricing structure in-house.
  • The Credit Insurance Database (PDF)