The Credit Insurance Database

2008-Nov-01 - Christopher H. Hause

Hause Actuarial Solutions, a leader in providing consulting and software services to the credit insurance and debt cancellation industries is happy to announce the continuing delivery of The Credit Insurance Database (TCID). TCID is an informational database reporting tool created by extracting information from the NAIC Credit Insurance Experience Exhibit which provides credit insurers with historical information that allows them to: (1) understand their marketplace, (2) compare their business position to the industry, (3) see relevant competitor information, and (4) obtain a better understanding of where the credit insurance industry is heading.

The staff at Hause Actuarial Solutions is proud and honored to be continuing the tradition of offering the database to credit insurers previously delivered by CreditRe since 1995. Our knowledge of the credit insurance industry coupled with our ability to deliver cost-effective business solutions to our industry allows us to provide our client users a distinct advantage in their marketplace with this tool.

Price quotes for the database can be obtained by contacting Sean Dermody at Hause Actuarial Solutions via phone at (913) 685-2200, or email to