The Future of WATERR

Our goal is simply to be a quality, cost-effective technical solution provider for actuaries.


It is our belief that the current actuarial software systems are too cumbersome and too difficult to understand. In short, they exhibit the "black box" syndrome. We want to develop software solutions for actuaries that are easier to use and understand. We offer solutions for actuaries that resemble a suite of software programs. Each individual program is a solution. For example, some components calculate statutory reserves, others calculate ROI, etc. Like a software suite, our programs are fully functional by themselves and are independent of other programs.

WATERR Integration

Each actuary needs different tools. We would like to provide an opportunity for actuaries to be able to choose only the tools they need. We also want to provide a framework so that all of the components can fit together seamlessly. That is the functionality of our WATERR interface. However, we want our software to be able to fit into other programs. Companies may have existing systems such as illustration systems, spreadsheet calculations etc. that need the functionality of some of the "WATERR pieces". Just like you can seamlessly add a new font or a spell checker to a Microsoft Word document, we want actuaries to be able to add "components" from WATERR to their systems.

We think that this will remove the "black box" syndrome from actuarial systems. If an actuary wants to analyze a certain functionality, they can analyze the properties and characteristics of the tool that provides that functionality without having to analyze an entire system. This is because each component is independent and fully functional by itself. Technology exists and is being enhanced for this type of functionality. This is exciting technology that has potential to revolutionize system development.

Hause Actuarial Solutions and WATERR

When customers purchase our WATERR software, they are not only displaying confidence in our software, but also our company. That is why we like to let prospects know where Hause Actuarial Solutions is going. The primary focus of the company has always been actuarial consulting. We are committed to the WATERR software and will use it everyday in our practice. So you know the programs are "field-tested" by actuaries and programming professionals. Our goal is to provide efficient and effective software solutions for actuaries and provide them with "the right tool for the job." We insist on getting feedback on a regular basis on how our software can be improved. We look forward to working with you.

Contact Sean Dermody at or call toll-free at (877) 451-8727 and let us know if you interested or need more information about our software or services.