Modeling Programs

These programs cover most modeling needs. The Liability Model uses files produced by the Projection and Pricing series to produce normal financial projections. Asset-Liability Model uses the same liability projection files to produce sophisticated financial and cash flow projections. Running either program for line(s) of business requires the appropriate pricing / projection program or that the user create input cells on their own.

Company Modeling

Annual Lease Price: $7,250

Company Modeling including Cash Flow Testing, A/L Matching, and Dynamic Solvency Testing (Asset-Liability Model). These modeling programs aggregate output from the various pricing and projection programs and produce balance sheet and income statements. Both allow interest sensitive calculations. The Liability Model assumes a single interest rate for the assets. The Asset-Liability Model models asset and liability cash flows in producing the statements. Sophisticated and flexible interest rate options are available. If underlying cells need to be recalculated, the modeling programs perform the recalculation without requiring the user to rerun the various programs. An unlimited number of in-force records are allowed.

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