Pricing and Projection Program Series

The projection series produces values starting with any policy duration and going for up to 50 years. They allow all modes of premium, handle reinsurance, loans, stockholder dividends, and taxes (including 'DAC' tax) as well as the usual values in a summary of operations (In either per unit issued or at the beginning of the year form) and balance sheet projection on both a GAAP and statutory basis. Pricing features include present values (in 3 possible forms) of all income and outgo values, return on investment calculation, return on equity, value added and either gain and loss by source, or calculation of a variety of profit objective premiums. Each program can produce tables for input to the Modeling Programs.

Life Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Traditional Life Pricing and Projections (Life Pricing). Reserves and cash values can be manually input or produced, by Life Values and Life GAAP (available at extra cost). In addition to projections, it calculates all of the usual profit objective premiums (break even year, return on surplus, and percent of premium). Reserves can be mean or interpolated.

Universal Life Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $3,625

Generates its own values. Allows many policy designs, expenses and charges. Incorporates partial and total surrenders, all present values, and gain by source. Creates output file for use with the UL GAAP factor generator.

CAWL Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Profit test gives approximate gain by source as well as the usual measures of profitability. Covers excess value plans, value pay, or irreplaceable type plans. A variety of expenses and charges are allowed. Calculates accumulation value and surrender value, source, guaranteed ETI, RPU, and approximate CRVM reserve. Creates output file for use with UL GAAP factor generator.

Deferred Annuity Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $2,550

Deferred Annuity Profit Tests and Value Calculations (DA Pricing) allows many forms of commissions, expenses, loads, and surrender charges. Permits portfolio or investment year interest crediting and earning. Package includes financial projections and produces values for up to 80 years with a choice of premium payment frequencies from monthly to annual. Incorporates death benefits and partial surrenders. Calculates cash value with analysis by credits and charges, CARVM reserves, profit analysis by source of gain. Permits separate deposit or rollover premiums.

Immediate Annuity Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Immediate Annuities, Supplemental Contracts and Standard Settlements (IA Pricing) calculates values, performs profit studies and projections for immediate annuities, supplemental contracts or structured settlements. Incorporates single and joint lives, variable interest, any certain period or installment refund, variable payments and a variety of expenses and loads. Many annuity mortality table files are included. Supports annuity due and annuity immediate. Computes values, profit tests, and projections.

A&H Pricing and Projections (A&H Pricing)

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Reserves can be manually input or produced by AH Statutory and AH GAAP (both available at extra cost). Incorporates a maximum of 12 benefits. Calculates several profit objective premiums: given loss ratio, given percent of profit, given break even year and others as well as loss ratios. Incorporates cash values: return of premium or long term care.

Miscellaneous Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $1,100

Miscellaneous Options and Coverages (Misc Pricing) includes interest only supplementary Contracts dividend and coupon options, and ETI / RPU. Generates its own values.

Credit Pricing

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Life and Health Credit Insurance Pricing and Projections (Credit Pricing) handles life (gross / net pay and level term), and disability with monthly and annual output. Loss ratios can be input or calculated. Performs all common unearned premium and reserve methods on the fly. Various methods of reinsurance and compensation are available.

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