Value Series Programs

WATERR Value Series Programs produce values for use by the Projection and Pricing Programs. The statutory and GAAP programs are also useful for establishing and maintaining reserve factor files on administrative and reserving systems. The Natural Reserve programs can be utilized in lieu of cash flow testing where appropriate. All systems produce both printed output and table output. The table output can be easily copied or transferred into other computer applications. Output may take the form of Net level and Net Premiums, Mid-Terminal and Mean reserves.

Traditional Life Statutory Values 2001

Annual Lease Price: $3,625

Traditional Life Statutory Values 2001 (Life Values 2001) calculates statutory reserves, cash values, ETI and RPU values for all types of traditional life insurance plans. XXX and deficiency reserves are calculated for Term and Secondary Guarantee UL plans. A number of print and output file options are allowed, including output for updating administrative system factor files. 1980 and 2001 CSO mortality tables and XXX Select Factor tables are selectable by drop-down box. Any user-provided table may be utilized for calculations. Terminal, Mid-Terminal and Mean output options are available in detail reports.

Life GAAP Factor Generator (Life GAAP)

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Life GAAP Factor Generator (Life GAAP) generates GAAP factors for many life plans, and includes a simplified cash value capability. For more compolicated plans, files generated by Life Values 2001 or manually built files may be utilized. Provides input to Life Pricing and Projection. Handles limited pay policies under FAS 97. Generates up to three expense reserves. Terminal, Mid-Terminal and Mean output options are available in detail reports.

Life Natural Reserves

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Natural/Gross Premium Reserves for Traditional, Interest Sensitive or Universal Life (Life Natural Reserves) can use cash values from Universal Life Pricing or Interest Sensitive Pricing. It can be used as a substitute for cash flow testing where appropriate.

Life Dividends

Annual Lease Price: $1,825

Traditional Life Dividend Generator (Life Dividends) can list either all of the intermediate values in three factor formula or dividends alone. Can use reserves generated by Life Values Program or generated manually. Computes additional paid up, total paid up, cash value of paid up, term paid up and dividend accumulation. Allows calculations using survivorship, component weighting by age and duration, and excess first year expense amortization. Output files can be used by Life GAAP and Life Pricing and Projection.


Annual Lease Price: $1,450

Universal Life Type Policy Expense and Benefit GAAP Reserve Generator (UL GAAP) uses profit data which is manually prepared or output from CAWL Price or the Universal Life Pricing and Projections as input to develop the GAAP reserve output, which in turn can be input to CAWL Price or Universal Life Pricing and Projections.

A&H Stat

Annual Lease Price: $1,450

A&H Statutory Reserve Calculation (A&H Stat). Reserves calculated on a mean, terminal, or mid-terminal basis for 0, 1, or 2 year FPT. Quite flexible for unit amount, gross premium ratio, and interest rate. Combines up to 18 benefits in one run. Output feeds A&H Pricing and Projections module.


Annual Lease Price: $1,450

A&H GAAP Factor Generator (A&H GAAP) calculates factors for up to 18 benefits per policy. Produces input for A&H Pricing and Projections. Up to 3 expense reserves. Terminal, Mid-Terminal or Mean options in compact or detail reports. Handles cash values - return of premium or long term care.

A&H Natural Reserves

Annual Lease Price: $1,450

Handles products with or without cash values (return of premium, long term care). It can be used as a substitute for cash flow testing where appropriate.

Credit Reserve Calculations (Credit Reserves)

Annual Lease Price: $725

Credit reserves for individual contracts and tables by duration. Can run up to 2,000 certificates at a time. Comes with common Lx tables. Handles Gross/Net Pay Decreasing or Level Term with many calculation options. Accident and Health unearned premiums are calculated, also.

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